Downloadable Spanish Voice Over Demos




Why Do You Need a Spanish Voice Over?

400 million people live in Latin America. Content for this market requires an authentic Spanish voice over.

But you don’t speak or understand the language, do you? Ah, but you don’t need to–I do.


I will record your voice over, using only professional-grade equipment, recording spaces, practices, and software. Also, I record my voice over jobs as I receive them. Everyone gets their projects turned around quickly and efficiently. For example, if I say I can have the job back to you in 2 days, that’s a maximum. As a result, I usually deliver early so you can give the recording your final touches to get it perfect, on time, and be a hero to your clients.

Script Translation or Correction

I am happy to take your script and either translate it from English to Spanish or proofread it to make sure it’s right for your purposes. Sometimes machine or software translations can be technically correct, but they are not right for your content or your audience. To help with this, I will smooth out any rough spots and fine-tune it for your audience.

Sync Services

Many clients need the voice over to match the timing of their original production in English for an existing video or audio. I am happy to help and have done the same for hundreds of projects. Bear in mind that this may require to make subtle adjustments to your script to make sure both the timing and the meaning are right!

In conclusion, I’ve been a voice over talent working in Latin American Spanish and American English for over 15 years and have worked for everything from Mom & Pop operations to Fortune 100 companies in the US, Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe and Asia. I’ve done everything from 5 word taglines to hour-long documentaries and always love a challenge!

Contact me to see all the ways I can help make your Spanish voice over project as good as it can be and hassle-free today!

If you need a voice over in English with a Spanish accent, I can also help you here!